Bulawayo Hosts First IMAZ Anniversary Celebrations

Bulawayo was the venue of the first anniversary IMAZ celebrations.

a. The Islamic Medical Association of Zimbabwe took the opportunity to provide feedback to the members of the community who had devoted enormous material, human and financial support to make the project a reality.
b. The celebrations were carried out at the Bulawayo Islamic Society’s Hall in the Masjid Grounds in Basch Street. Adequate facilities for both men and women were made available.
c. Moulana Moosa Menk the General Director of Majlis Ulama (Zimbabwe) was guest of Honour.
d. Dr. Ashmawy (President) spoke
e. Dr. Aymen Amer (Vice-Chairperson) presented the achievements of Al Shifa to date in PowerPoint format. Dr. Sururu Director of clinics spoke about following a dream that the president had wanted to be a reality.

Achievements made by this date at the Bulawayo Branch.

i. IMAZ had attended to 5073 general cases.
ii. IMAZ had attended to 208 needy cases at Al Shifa Clinic.
iii. IMAZ membership had increased from 13 to 20 by April 2008.
iv. The first Al Shifa newsletter was launched, published and distributed on this day. The editorial team comprised of Dr. Amer (Chief Editor) assisted by Brother Asidi Chibwana, Moulana Ibrahim and Hassen Esat.

Bulawayo Delegation Leaves for Harare

As part of the phase 2 plan, a delegation from Bulawayo visited Harare with the objective of establishing the Al Shifa clinic in Harare.
Delegates comprised of Dr. Ashmawy accompanied by Dr. Amer, Dr. Sururu and Br. Ismail Lunat.
a. Dr. Sururu spoke of the healing in AL-Shifa how miracles by the grace of Allah are happening.
b. Br Lunat spoke on statistics of people who donated and the amounts.
c. Six medical professionals became members of IMAZ.
d. Harare committee was formed.
e. Dr. Tickley was elected Chairman.
f. IMAZ Harare branch was formed.
g. Harare Muslims offered three properties for establishing Al-Shifa.
h. One of the offered properties was donated and plans were submitted to the local authority for approval.

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